Saturday, November 18, 2000

Now I know what to wear! *HURRAY*Im wearing a santorini top, and a white skirt with lil cute things on.....and flowers in my hair, sunglasses and lots of jewelery-----Aw, what a doll.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Long time no see!
Tomorrow night Im going to a Hawaii my friends house....Oh my god, what can I wear?????
Any suggestions?
Well..........Gotta go, cuz I have to eat something! Like.....Chicken! Yumm...


Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Has anybody seen "Scary Movie"?? I went to the movies with my friends this weekend and we watched it. It was supa-dupa-cool! I was laughing A LOT! If you haven't seen it, I tell you GO SEE IT!
But it is necessary that you have seen these movies first: Scream 1 , Scream 2, I know what you did last summer, Shining......I think.

Have anybody seen the EXCORSIST? ITS horrible! I couldn't watch the whole movie!!!!!!

Heeey! Last night I didn't go to sleep until 2 am or something in the morning.....but we got back from Lillehammer, and we got to show the movie to our class today. They thaught it was cool. Especially because we put so much work into it.....And we really did.
Today Im going to my dancing class.....*weeeeeeeeeee*!!!!!

Well wellity well. The test went just fine, and now Im soken wet, cuz its raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaining!!!!! *Its raining men! HALLELUJA*

*lol* Today is supposed to be the worst rainy day in 10 years! They said that on TV! In Norway! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2000

Howdy, I'm back. Now its earrrrly in the morning. Im waiting for my friend to come over, and then we will take the bus to the boat, take the boat to oslo, take the train to Lillehammer and we will get help editing our movie.......aaaaaw what a day. Don't know how it will end, but if the movie turns out good we will have great marks. And tomorrow we are having a geography test. Boo-hoo.
Oh well, I have to go the bathroom, put on some make up and stuff. *lol'..........aight?
Hello there....

Here in my blog, you can have a look trough my eyes, and read my minds, thaughts, mistakes, problems and stuff. I hope you find some of it intresting and some of it just strange;) well anyways. Tomorrow Im going to Im editing a movie...I hope it turns out cool:) Its about HIV and AIDS in Africa......well I have to go to bed now. But WAIT! You know what? 1th of February next year, Im going to an EMINEM consert in OSLo!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!